Billing Rates

On-site consulting services: $125.00/hr.

Catch-as-catch can phone support: $60.00/hr.

Ten minute minimum and increments. Catch-as-catch-can support is when you call me and either talk to me when you call or when I call you back. In other words, NOT paging me! I reserve the right to not bill you for minor issues, and I won't bill for friendly chitchat.

Paged assistance: $125.00/hr.

Half hour minimum, one hour minimum when on the phone with another client or outside reasonable office hours. This is support provided when you have paged me for assistance. I may also add on to the bill the cost of the movie, dinner or other activity you interrupted if you page me outside of reasonable work hours. Under all circumstances, you should call my regular voice number first before paging me. If you have my pager number written down, erase it -- this tends to prompt people to page me improperly, and both my voice mail and answering machine will give you my current pager number when you call. I treat pages as emergency situations,and I will bill accordingly.

Coax Cabling Repair: $250/hr. One Hour Minimum.

Yes, this is an outrageous rate. However, I am tired of having to interrupt, delay or reschedule jobs due to failures of coax cable. Coax is obsolete and should not be used in most environments, for it is unreliable and takes down entire offices when any problem occurs. If this outrageous rate for repair prompts you to upgrade and improve your network to more reliable twisted pair or go elsewhere for coax repair work, GREAT! it has served its purpose. If you need assistance upgrading your wiring, give me a call for recommendations.

Billing information:

Payment is expected within 30 days of invoicing (standard "Net 30" terms). If this can not be met, it is expected that other arrangements will be made -- BEFORE work is done.

You are welcome to take a 2% discount on labor charges for payment within 10 days of invoicing.

I also offer a 5% discount on labor charges for payment at time of work, although I don't push this option. Many companies can't cut a check at the time of service, plus I respect that many people like to make sure a project "works" before payment is made. In fact, I usually don't bill until I'm satisfied a project "works" (and when I get around to it...)

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